Adolescence – Tips for parents of adolescents

March 9, 2005:

Adolescence is a strange wondrous stage, both for the young person as well as the family. No-one can deny that, just as a tadpole becomes a frog, there are biological changes in children in terms of physical and, somewhat slower, emotional maturity. The family, along with the peers and other social force help shape the […]

Identification Of The Homeostatic Maintainer

I believe that one of the most useful assessment tools available to the family therapist is the concept of the homeostatic maintainer, the individuals or social forces that are maintaining a given problem and must therefore be included in the treatment. The term homeostatic maintainer derives from the word homeostasis or same state. As used […]

You Can Fix Your Family


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Usted Puede Arreglar a su Familia (Spanish Edition)

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