IST Training Centre for Clinicians - Introduction

The IST training center is intended to be a learning community for clinicians who are interested in providing proven, effective treatment for their clients. The rationale for this site is to help clinicians provide family therapy that is practical, avoids psychobabble and most importantly, demonstrates excellent outcomes.

Since their inception psychiatry and psychology have been bogged down by theories and orthodoxies and in the process commonsense often has been forgotten. It is the intention of this site is to help redress the balance.

The information contained in this website is based on my decades of experience, with thousands of clinical cases that I’ve worked with directly or supervised. I have benefited greatly in my training by working and learning from some brilliant people including Salvador Minuchin, Braulio Montalvo, Jay Haley. In the early 1980s, I did workshops to compare and contrast therapy formats with Carl Whittaker. I’ve found over the years that there are certain key aspects of therapy that are essential in most cases, especially when working with troubled adolescents and their families.

Welcome to the Training Centre

This video is also available in Spanish.

This training center will be geared towards certain essential concepts and techniques to achieve excellent outcomes, using the IST Clinical Scorecard.

Major teaching points:

  • Closely tracking outcomes—using the clinical scorecard.
  • A clear, easily learned and taught clinical model-IST.
  • The incorporation of Results Based Accountability-facilitates and therapeutic organized system of care.
  • Mastery of the therapist’s use of self—family therapy techniques.
  • The IST five step model and other algorithms

The website will have a number of resources to help the clinician sharpen his or her clinical lens, particularly in terms of tracking process. A sister website, New Zealand Eating Disorder Specialists, designed for sufferers and their families, contains a lot of concepts that complement this website.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that I hope this to be an informal, learning community where we clinicians share their clinical experiences and cases.

Again this is not specific clinical instruction on your families; it’s like reading a book where you get ideas for that might help you in your clinical practice. This is geared for professionals working who are actively involved in clinical work.

Access articles in the Clinical Training section here (Free, but requires registration).

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