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You Can Fix Your Family now available on Amazon

December 6, 2013:

My new book 'You Can Fix Your Family' is now available on Amazon: It is in stock and costs US$9.00

In New Zealand you can purchase 'You Can Fix Your Family' from the Woman's Bookshop

Your family is falling apart and everyone is grudgingly unhappy, the kids are misbehaving and in trouble with the law, your dreams are disintegrating as midlife pokes through, you want your children to thrive and do well.

Trying to solve family problems? This wise, practical book will guide you. You will find yourself and your family on many of its pages and quickly discover that those precious relationships can be saved and preserved.

Dr Charles Fishman develops a refreshing conversation with the reader; you’ll feel sure he is talking directly with you and your family. The book’s principles of change and transformation reach across the many stages of a family life, from “new baby in the house” and “off to school” to “an adolescent has emerged” and “elderly parents come to live”.

If you want to know how to fix your family and fix your work environment this book offers brilliant solutions.

Download a free excerpt of 'You Can Fix Your Family'

Dr. Charles Fishman has 35 years of experience interviewing and treating thousands of families, both in the United States and abroad, and as a psychiatrist, specialising in children, adolescents and adults, he has dedicated his work to the enduring future of the power of the modern family.

An Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine, Dr Fishman is recruited for his supervision and teaching in Europe, South and Central America, United States, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand and Australia.

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You Can Fix Your Family


In his latest book, Dr Charles Fishman reveals 3 powerful tools to help your family successfully navigate the 8 critical ages, stages & things that cause rages.

He shows families how to resolve common conflicts in a way that keeps them healthy, happy and together.

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